How to get a lot of aquariums into the flat, and still have room for the bed ??
Well, we had to take the bed out
of the fish room ..... but still ...... you get the idea ...... or?

This is how we did it in 2019. There might have been some changes since we took the pictures .....


Our "fish room" is located on the second floor in our house.


This is a sketch of the layout of our fish room.




When you come up the stairs, this is what you meet, our fish room.




This is the first shelf with tanks.




Shelf 2

The tanks at the bottom are about 50 liters.

Tanks at the second lowest row are about 40 liters.

The other tanks range from 20 to 30 liters.


Shelf 3

The biggest tanks at the bottom are about 100 liters, the other on the bottom row are about 50 liters.



Shelf 4

All tanks up to 100 liters are home-made.

We use 6 mm glass for all aquariums, so they are sufficiently robust to be handled, even with some water still in the tank.

Shelf 5

All tanks are 45 cm deep (except for the tanks on shelf 7).

The width of the tanks  varies from 20 to 80 cm.





Shelf 6

The height is 20 cm for the smallest tanks, 25 for the tanks on the second lowest shelf and 30 cm for the tanks on the lowest shelves

Shelf 7

The tanks on this shelf are 30 cm deep, 30 cm high and 75 cm wide.

At the top we have 8 aquariums where we cultivate Moina.


This is a 325 liter tank with cichlids from Lake Malawi.

On the bottom shelves we have some extra tanks for fishes that like a bit lower temperature, as this is the coolest place in the fish room.



This is a 310 liter tank with cichlids from Lake Malawi

On the bottom shelves we have some extra tanks.




This is a 120 liter tank with Lamprichthys tanganicanus and small cichlids from Lake Tanganyika



This is a 250 liter tank with males of  Fundulopanchax sjoestedti 'red dwarf' and two pairs Belonesox belizanus 'Mex 2018'
We also have some terrariums/ paludariums with frogs as you can see on our species list.






We happens to have a couple of tanks downstairs as well.

In the kitchen we have this 720 litres/190 gallon tank with cichlids from Lake Malawi.

The interior consists of slate that's piled up all from the  glass bottom, and they are not glued together.
This means that one has to be very careful when build
ing it up, so it's really stable.

In this tank we keep Labidochromis hongi, Labeotropheus chlorosiglos 'Katale' and Metriaclima zebra 'Maisoni'.


In the living room we have this
540 litres/140 gallon community tank.

In this we keep American cichlids like Thorichthys pasionis 'Laguna Catazaja' and Hypsophrys nicaraguensis, but also the livebearers Ilyodon whitei and Xenotoca doadrioi.


    Page updated 2019-11-10


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